A humble start to an exciting new chapter!

Travel items and paper work on a desk

Hey friends,

So we are finally making a post and getting this very humble blog started. Content is bare on the media links but i am sure we will fill it to capacity as the travels unfold.

This has been a major learning curve and we have not even left the country. We will not have our travel backpacks with us (could not find what we wanted, hoping Japan can save us), so our humble current backpacks will have to do for the inaugural flight!

PJ –  i am personally looking forward to finally saying goodbye to that old backpack as it is falling apart and is very much a symbol of a chapter now done and dusted (i hope). The trip won’t really start for me until i have my new backpack. 😀

We have clothes, papers, travel games, gadgets, wallets, passports and drawing equipment all over the place. Still have yet to buy travel insurance but have our Studio Ghibli tickets bought because priorities, that’s why! We are hoping to make a much longer post about the travel insurance issues we’ve had but it will have to wait until we are on the road. It will be an important one because we had trouble finding information that related to Aussies. And boy, do we get penalised for being from this part of the world!

The blog itself has also presented its own problems and i am sure it will continue to do so. Please bear with us as we have some fun finding our way through WordPress.

We hope you add this humble blog to your bookmarks and that you join us in our adventures and maybe even come and meet us once or twice on the road! 😀 We cannot wait to get started.

Love and friendship!

Be an awesome pirate and share your treasure! :D

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4 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait to begin reading this blog! Let the travel adventure begin!

  2. Rhian says:

    Great start guys! Hope you have the best ever time being the best travelling vagabonds that there can ever be!

    • PJ and Lisa says:

      Hey hey Rhian awesome to see you around these parts! 🙂 Happy to have you along. Are you done with your travels for the near future?

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