People are AWESOME!

Well, hello there dear neglected blog reader, 🙂

During the last 2 years and 3 months of travel, we often joked to ourselves that if we ever wanted to change the name of our blog it would be to ‘People are Awesome!’ Now that we are back in Sydney, for the foreseeable near future 😀 we just wanted to take a moment to simply and very humbly thank all the people that have made our trip the incredible journey that it was and continues to be. And we do mean you!

You may find yourself in this set of pictures or you may not. We were often too busy enjoying the friendships being made and treasuring the moment to remember to take photos. This is especially true of a few countries like Portugal from which i have very few pictures of the people that we stayed with and who made us feel incredibly welcome. We’ll just have to go back and revisit all of you the next time around! 😀

Regardless, you all made it a trip to treasure for the rest of our lives and we unreservedly, with all our hearts and spirits, and with as much gratitude as we can possibly muster, thank you for being part of our lives. Be you two legged, four legged, mystical, natural, a brief encounter or a long travel buddy, you have our thanks.

We hope that we made as much of a positive impression on your lives as you made on ours! 😀 We now have the very cool problem of having friends all over the world that we need to stay in touch with and travel often to come and visit.

And we definitely would not want it any other way! 😀

See you all again soon! 😀

-PJ and Lisa

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